Welcome to Mimamsa Yogashala

Yoga is Magic!

Body & Mind are related to each other, the body affects the mind and vice-versa. So, it is very necessary to balance both simultaneously; one can balance both of them with the help of yoga, exercise, diet, daily lifestyle, and so on. A steady, calm & focused mind along with healthy & powerful body leads to a positive outlook.

We, ‘'Mimamsa Yogshala" aims to help individuals in leading a healthy & happy life and so offer various yoga & meditation courses to yoga aspirants from all over the world.

Remember, at Mimamsa Yogshala; we not only offer the course of yoga & meditation but also set the environment in a way that one can find peace of mind and connect with his/her true form. Our yoga school is located in China, yet the branch of it is also in the Rishikesh - Yoga Capital of the World. We offer yoga & meditation courses in a really interactive manner!

At Mimamsa Yogshala; we offer quite friendly & homely ambience to let you comfortably start your yogic journey! The yoga & meditation teacher training courses and programs offered by us are well crafted and delivered by the veteran yoga gurus with having years of proven track record of excellence in teaching.

The peaceful & interesting courses & programs offered by us include

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

For yoga aspirants who are keen to learn all about yoga but have less time!

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

For those who are desirous to enter into the teaching world of yoga and that too in a short period of time!

Yoga Retreats

For those who want to escape from the daily grind of life and wish to relax completely!

Meditation Programs

for those who are stressed with daily life programs and want to calm their mind & soul!

Ayurvedic Cooking Class

with the motive to provide a preventive approach against sickness as well as diseases.

Strength of our School

We believe that Guru, "Manoj" is the strength of our school that ensures the progress of Mimamsa Yoga. He is a passionate Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher who always struggles to provide the best. He is from the beautiful town of Southern India, i.e., Kerala. He also offers an ayurvedic cooking class that helps you to prevent various ailments.

Inside The Studio